Beat Mania

Oh yes. Beat mania. This is my second favorite game. Sometimes my first. I do get a little emotional and dramatic while I play sometimes, because I'm using my imagination to make myself beleive I am a real DJ. Nabashin is the Ninja Crew beat mania master. We look forward to matching his skill someday. There are 5 keys, in a keyboard style, 3 on bottom two on top. There is also a record that turns like a turn-table. Lines come down fromt he top of the screen and meet a line towards the bottom, and you press the keys in sequence with the music. If you fuck up, the music sounds fucked up too. There are some pretty good songs on these machines...

Beat Mania IIDX

I don't like this one. It's too hard...7 fucking keys?! Might as well play keyboard mania! It's pretty much the same as regular beatmania, except cooler songs, HARDER songs, and a cooler looking machine too. Many people actually prefer this one, and I guess I would too, if I was any good. Good luck with this one.

Dance ManiaX

This is one of the more retarded games. It's like a cheap version of para para paradise, which no one likes anyway. Move your hands around some sensors? NO WAY! WOW! WHAT THE DUDE?! I hate this game, and it's no because I'm bad at it, I'm actually pretty good. I can't get into the movements, I have to bend way down or do the splits so I can reach the bottom sensor...no good can come of this game, as Nabashin would say. There are four sensor things that look like little drums. (Yes, drums.) But there are warnings all over the machine syaing not to hit the sensors...THEN WHY DO THEY LOOK LIKE DRUMS?! WHAT THE DAMN IS WRONG WITH YOU?! These stupid little red and blue cherrios come from above and you wave your hands over the sensors when they reach the cross-point. You don't even LOOK like you're dancing when you do this. Why is it called dance maniax? One positive thing; it has good music.

Guitar Freaks

This is Tanshin's game. If you like japanese music, be it pop, or rock, then you'll love the music on this game. Like Beat Mania, the music will fuck up if you miss notes. Songs can be very easy ont his game, or ridiculously hard. The coolest thing is the guitar controllers you get to sling around your neck like a real guitar, except smaller. There is 3 buttons, red green and blue. These buttons do nothing on their own, just like if you pressed the strongs of a guitar down, no notes would come out unless you strummed. That's where the little plastic strummer toggle comes in. It simulates the back and forth motion of strumming a guitar. The notes are opposite of beat mania. The lines go up instead of down. Sometimes, a little insignia of a guiatr appears to the left of the notes, and you wail the guitar up into the air, and it gives you a wailing bonus. This is a great game. It is kind of difficult to find...I've only played in Southern Cali. Have fun trying to find one anywhere else.

Drum Mania

This game is just as fun as Guitar Freaks. It's a real electric drum set. Lines fall from fromt he top of the screen telling you which drum to hit, snare, tom toms, crash cymbal, high hat cymbal, or even the base pedal. The coolest thign about drum mania and guitar freaks is that they can link together. Two guys can be playing a song with the drummer at the same time. Now you're a real Japanese rock band! Yea! Earlier versions could also hook up with keyboard mania, but i guess since no one really liked keyboard mania much, they took it off the link. Besides, when you added the keyboard in, it limited the amount of songs you could do. But, seriously, you have to try this link thing, it's a whole new experience, but sadly, this game is as rare are guitar freaks.

Keyboard Mania

Keyboard mania. If it wasn't so hard, people would have enjoyed it much more. There are 24 keys...24! And here we thought the 7 keys of beatmania IIDX was bad. You're probably thinking "what the damn is your deal? at least there is no record to scratch!" WRONG! It's not a record, but it you still push it like one. It's a little pitch bender on the side of the keys. There is no way, man! No way! I have seen people that were actually very good, but they were few and far between. Too little too late, keyboard mania is taken out of most arcades, and was never in most to begin with. Don't bother seeking this one out.

Para Para Paradise

OOOO I WANNA TRY THAT GAME, IT LOOKS SO FUN! No. It's not. A retarded guy could get up on the machine, and if he could manage to get his coins in, he could just flail his arms around, and beat the songs. YAY FUN! Some people made up so stupid looking dances that go with the game, and nothign made me sicker than to see this FAD of a game get to it's popularity spike. There were 10 people around the machine doing the same exact dance as the guy playing, move for move....what's the point of that? Why don't you freestyle off the top of your dome? No, instead lets memorize a stupid dance that someone else made up and play like that (not to mention that para para dancing is a WOMAN thing...if you've ever seen someone doing it, you know what I mean. If you fail in this game, you are a dumb-ass. Even in the harder levels, just flail around....no problem. It's fun at first, it's worth trying, but it gets old fast.

This is Tanshin... peace out, ninja.

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